This roadmap outlines our project goals, ambitions and vision for the long term viability and benefits of holding a Crypto Hasbulla NFT.

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Community Focused

The Crypto Hasbulla (CH) community is the heartbeat of this NFT project and the foundation that keeps Hasbulla’s entire web3 ecosystem running. Everything we do begins and ends with our community in mind. We are committed to putting our community first.


In a world of constant rug pulls and market deception, stakeholder trust is essential for any web3 project’s success. Trust requires openness, communication, and accountability. Whether things are good or bad, we openly and honestly convey information as it is made available. We are committed to transparency.


The Crypto Hasbulla project is as unique as its namesake, Hasbulla Magomedov. As NFT projects look to copy and paste designs, hype and utility, no other project can offer what we can. This is what makes our project truly unique.


In the web3 space, people value speed. Big hype, quick flips, fast cash and an irrational fear of missing out destroy projects and the people who support them. We emphasize quality. Whether it’s art, merch or anything we do, we focus on delivering value. Our commitment is to long-term quality over quantity.


Project Vision

Our long term vision is to create an AI-powered Metaverse video game, in which Crypto Hasbulla NFTs provide exclusive access to a fully immersive online gaming experience and money earning opportunities. Our community members will be eligible to earn in-game and real life rewards that include access, tokens, digital merch and many other benefits that are currently under development. Hasbulla Magomedov and his team are working with top developers to make this vision a reality. More details will be announced as they become available.


Phase 1

All Crypto Hasbulla NFTs are custom designed by three senior digital artists from around the world; Chile, Argentina and Italy. Each artist brings their own unique talents and influences into this project, drawing every detail of every NFT in phase 1 and  2 of our collection by hand. This unique approach separates this project from computer-generated assets that are prominent in other NFT projects.

All Crypto Hasbulla holders will get access to their NFT’s high resolution image file for print, digital display or various other purposes.
We will use Discord as a primary online communication channel for NFT holders to network and interact with other community members around the world. Holders can participate in fun events that include games, tournaments, quizzes, competitions for prizes, giveaways and other benefits.

NFT holders will have opportunities to earn recognition within our community Discord. Each member’s Discord status will offer unique rewards that include NFT discounts, merchandise benefits and influence on team decisions.


Phase 2

All Crypto Hasbulla NFT holders will be eligible to win giveaways that include free merchandise, NFTs, roundtrip flights and hotel to NFT meetups, whitelist spots for future drops and many other rewards. In addition, we’re giving away partner benefits that include free access passes to Eagle FC events and opportunities to meet celebrities.

Most people discover Hasbulla through social media videos, digital content or memes. We will continue this trend by hiring a local video team to help us bring Hasbulla to new and existing members. Whether it’s to communicate Crypto Hasbulla announcements, capture reaction videos or document live events, everyone will get a chance to hear directly from the King.

To bring mass attention to our NFT project at scale, we will invest in professional paid and organic, cross-channel digital marketing strategies on the largest, most relevant ad networks available; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Hasbulla’s influence around the world is undeniable. Our team will explore high value opportunities to collaborate with key influencers and media personalities across many different industries and platforms, with a single goal to move this project forward. 

Existing partnerships: 

  • Barstool Sports
  • Caleb Pressley
  • Logan Paul
  • Islam Makachev
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov 
  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Dana White 
  • UFC 
  • EFC
  • Twitch TV
  • LAD Bible 
  • Farcana 
  • Legionfarm


…and many more celebrities and companies who have publicly supported the project.

Everyone wants to meet Hasbulla. Supporting this project gives you a golden ticket to do so. All CH holders will have exclusive opportunities to meet and interact with the King of Dagestan, either virtually or in real life. Get a personalized shout out video (Cameo style), join a live video game stream or meet him in person. There are opportunities for everyone. 

In Q1 2022 we held our first ever, two-day Crypto Hasbulla meetup in Dubai. All NFT holders were invited to meet Hasbulla in person for a special dinner hosted by the CH team. People flew in from around the world to network with each other, experience a full day and dinner in the Dubai desert and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience.

In addition to other benefits defined in our roadmap, Crypto Hasbulla NFT holders will enjoy various rewards based on each person’s committed support for this project. We will roll out a reward system that offers each level its own Crypto Hasbulla merchandise and NFT discounts, VIP access, game rewards and other unique benefits.

We will celebrate the end of Phase 2 of our project by rewarding all holders with the ability to design their own custom Crypto Hasbulla NFT! This is a truly unique experience that sets this project apart from all others in the NFT space. It will be the only remaining opportunity to have a custom NFT designed in this entire collection. 

The most sustainable and trusted NFT projects adapt with the evolving demands of its NFT holders, the market and web3 industry at large. In the next phase of our project, the team will focus on creating a more efficient and valuable project for all stakeholders. We will begin this transition by investing in a redesigned web presence, introducing money-making utilities to our NFTs and adding fully integrated web3 minting capabilities to our website. We will celebrate the end of Phase 2 by rewarding all holders with the ability to design their own custom Crypto Hasbulla NFT! This is a truly unique experience that sets this project apart from all others in the NFT space. It will be the only remaining opportunity to have a custom NFT designed in this entire collection. 


Phase 3

In Q2 2022 we will begin integrating a smart contract into our existing CH ecosystem. This contract will activate many NFT and game-based functionalities that will be deployed in a more enhanced version 2 of this project.

Finally! A utility to give all Crypto Hasbulla holders an opportunity to earn passive income simply by holding their NFT. One cool aspect of NFTs is that they can be programmed to pay the creator a fee each time the NFT is sold. This allows creators to be rewarded fairly for their digital work. These creator earnings are paid every time an NFT moves from wallet to wallet. Staking NFTs gives each holder the option to earn passive income from these creator royalties. Holders will be able to lock their assets in a DeFi platform to receive ETH, all without the need to sell an NFT.

The integration of a smart contract in our Crypto Hasbulla ecosystem requires a change in our NFT buying process. The remaining NFTs in our collection (#2,001-#10,000) will be available to mint directly on our website, giving everyone access to a fair and equitable process to purchase future CH NFTs.

The transition from Polygon to Ethereum blockchain will offer a tremendous advantage to our project’s long term vision. Ethereum is currently the premiere choice of all available blockchains for the use of NFT projects. This functionality will enable outstanding gaming experiences for all holders.

Everyone who holds NFTs #1-2000 will receive automatic access to a presale whitelist for future CH NFT mint events. Those on the exclusive WL will receive mint discounts, be eligible for giveaway raffles and other airdropped surprises.

We will drop the first collection of officially licensed Crypto Hasbulla merchandise, which will include high quality shirts, hoodies and caps. Holders will be able to customize their merchandise with their own NFT. During this drop, members will receive discounts and merchandise credits based on CH holder benefits.

Hasbulla loves video games and we love Hasbulla. CH NFT holders will have unique opportunities to watch, play and interact with Hasbulla via Twitch, an online gaming platform. We are currently setting up a deal with Twitch to get the best benefits for our Holders.

The long term vision of the Crypto Hasbulla project has always been the development of a high quality game that uses Crypto Hasbulla NFTs as the ultimate utility for fun while allowing holders to earn money at the same time. Our CEO Surkhay Sungurov is passionate about this project and will begin the developmental stages of making this vision a reality.

In Q3/Q4 2022, we will invite qualified CH holders to the US for our second NFT event (location TBD). This multiple day event will build on the momentum of our Dubai meetup and include crazy giveaways, an opportunity to meet Hasbulla in person and one-of-a-kind adventures with the best NFT community that exists! Some CH holders, guests and VIPs will be invited for a smaller, more intimate event with Hasbulla, the CH team and Discord mods.

Prior to phase 4, we will focus our communications and marketing strategy on earning attention and coverage from media companies, projects and key stakeholders in the crypto/NFT space.


Phase 4

During the game development stage, we will begin exploring more ways to give back to our community. Every NFT Holder will receive free HASBI tokens as a reward for holding our NFTs after the collection sells out all 10,000 NFTs.

We’re working behind the scenes to convert CH NFTs into a combat sports utility. We are preparing  a collaboration with Eagle FC, the mixed martial arts promotion company of Khabib Nurmagomedov. All eligible holders will have an opportunity to attend Eagle Fight Club events in person for free! There will be a possibility for eligible holders to win a lifetime streaming ticket for all future events of EFC. Hasbulla and Khabib are linked to each other. We will give holders of special NFTs the opportunity to meet Khabib and Hasbulla in person, stay tuned!

Hasbulla’s mission is to give back to the community and support people in need. Our community can help. We’ll host a virtual event or online activities to raise money and donate 100% of proceeds to a charity of Hasbulla’s choice.

After the launch of our Metaverse game, we will begin building web3/NFT education to help onboard a new wave of people entering this new and emerging phase of the internet. All CH NFT holders will have free access to this platform and an opportunity to earn more digital and physical rewards.


Phase 5

Ever wanted to be in a video game? The next best thing is to use your Crypto Hasbulla NFT as a character within our metaverse game! The final 8,000 NFTs in our collection will include 1,000 special NFTs that will be integrated into Hasbulla’s Metaverse game as playable characters. These NFTs will be the most valuable in the collection.

HASBI is the utility token that is used throughout the Crypto Hasbulla ecosystem for transactions and interactions. Throughout the ecosystem, it will be used by players, developers, and publishers to exchange ASSETS and games, create a user-based platform of rewards, and develop an environment where Creators and Players can share their unique gaming experiences.

We will use the best token standards to ensure the everlasting scarcity and verifiable scarcity of non-fungible items. This standard allows a smart contract to track token-ownership at the individual token level: each item has a unique identifier and, optionally, unique properties stored as metadata.

Trade HASBI tokens within exchanges

The HASBI token will be listed in the biggest crypto exchanges available making it possible to trade (buy and sell), swap and stake HASBI giving it the maximum utility in the DeFi world. Also HASBI can be acquired and used by Artists, Creators and Players in multiple ways as described below:

Game Players
  • Gameplay: Playing can earn HASBI tokens by playing games uploaded to the Crypto Hasbulla ecosystem. How to earn the token in games is full of endless creative possibilities. For example, players might win HASBI by completing a mission or side quest in the game. We’ll offer details when the game is more fully developed.
  • Skill-Based Challenges: ​A skill-based challenge will allow players to pay an entry fee to enter a race, a card game, a battle royale, or any other type of competitive contest. The winner will receive the entire prize pool.
  • Reward System: Game streamers could be tipped with HASBI based on their performance, which could include entertaining viewers or being a highly skilled game player. 


Creators will be able to sell their in-game assets on the marketplace of the game, earning revenue and receiving 100% of the HASBI price of the Asset sold.

  • In-Game Purchases: Experienced creators will be able to set up many different monetization systems that will let them charge players HASBI for exclusive content. These monetization techniques range from item purchases to subscriptions, or even entry fees to the game itself. ​Players who also happen to be streamers might be tipped with HASBI based on their performance, such as entertaining their viewers or being able to play well.

After we sell out the collection of 10.000 NFTs, we will invest back into the community with HUGE rewards that will be airdropped to all CH NFT holders! All holders will receive free HASBI tokens for every NFT they hold. Those who own #1-2000 will receive 2X rewards. This will be one of the biggest benefits of being a part of this community!

Hasbulla will finally launch into the metaverse! After selling out our 10.000 NFT collection, we will launch our fully developed 3D, open-world Metaverse (p2e) game. All NFT holders will have exclusive access to the game and will be able to earn HASBI tokens simply by playing.