This roadmap outlines our project goals, ambitions and vision for the long term viability and benefits of holding a Crypto Hasbulla NFT.

Table of Contents



Phase 1 – Complete


Phase 2 – complete


Phase 3 – In Progress


Project Vision

Our long term vision is to create a fully immersive online gaming experience for all Hasbulla fans. NFT community members will be eligible to earn real world rewards and many other benefits currently in development. Hasbulla Magomedov and his team are working with top developers to make this vision a reality. 


Phase 1

#1-#2,000 NFTs in the Crypto Hasbulla genesis are custom drawn by three senior digital artists from around the world; Chile, Argentina and Italy. Each artist brings their own unique talents and influences into this project. 

All Crypto Hasbulla holders will get access to their NFT’s high resolution image file for print, digital display or various other purposes.
We will use Discord as a primary online communication channel for NFT holders to network and interact with other community members around the world. Holders can participate in fun events that include games, tournaments, quizzes, competitions for prizes, giveaways and other benefits.


Phase 2

All Crypto Hasbulla NFT holders will be eligible to win giveaways that include free merchandise, NFTs, roundtrip flights and hotel to NFT meetups, whitelist spots for future drops and many other rewards. 

Hasbulla’s influence around the world is undeniable. Our team will explore high value opportunities to collaborate with key influencers and media personalities across many different industries and platforms, with a single goal to move this project forward. 

Existing partnerships: 

  • Barstool Sports
  • Caleb Pressley
  • Logan Paul
  • Islam Makachev
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov 
  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Dana White 
  • UFC 
  • EFC
  • Twitch TV
  • LAD Bible 
  • Farcana 
  • Legionfarm


…and many more celebrities and companies who have publicly supported the project.

In Q1 2022 we held our first ever, two-day Crypto Hasbulla meetup in Dubai. All NFT holders were invited to meet Hasbulla in person for a special dinner hosted by the CH team. People flew in from around the world to network with each other, experience a full day and dinner in the Dubai desert and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience.

In addition to other benefits defined in our roadmap, Crypto Hasbulla NFT holders will enjoy various rewards based on each person’s committed support for this project. We will roll out a reward system that offers each level its own Crypto Hasbulla merchandise and NFT discounts, VIP access, game rewards and other unique benefits.

We will celebrate the end of Phase 2 of our project by rewarding all holders with the ability to design their own custom Crypto Hasbulla NFT! This is a truly unique experience that sets this project apart from all others in the NFT space. It will be the only remaining opportunity to have a custom NFT designed in this entire collection. 


Phase 3

Everyone who holds NFTs #1-2000 will receive automatic access to a VIP whitelist for the final 10K Hasbulla NFT mint event. 

Prior to phase 4, we will focus our communications and marketing strategy on earning attention and coverage from media companies, projects and key stakeholders in the crypto/NFT space.

The second version and final 10,000 NFT collection will be minted on a new ethereum smart contract. 

We will drop the first collection of officially licensed, fully customizable  Crypto Hasbulla merchandise. 

In 2023, we will invite qualified CH holders to the US for our second NFT holder event (location TBD). This will build on the first ever Dubai meetup and will include an opportunity to meet Hasbulla in person. 


Phase 4

In February 2023 we will enable NFT migration from Polygon to the Ethereum blockchain. The new contract will activate many NFT and game-based functionalities that will be deployed in a more enhanced version of this project.

When Hasbulla wins, our community wins. We’re working with the biggest brands behind the scenes to utilize all Hasbulla NFTs.

HASBI will be the utility token used throughout the Crypto Hasbulla ecosystem. All NFT holders will be airdropped free Hasbi tokens following its launch. More details to be announced at that time. 

Hasbulla will finally launch into the metaverse! In addition to The Hasbulla Sandbox game, the team is developing a high quality, 3-dimensional, open-world Metaverse game. All NFT holders will have first access to the game as soon as it’s available. 

We’re creating a path for Crypto Hasbulla NFTs to be used as avatars in upcoming Hasbulla video games.