Attention Hasbulla NFT Holders and prospective members,

The Hasbulla team recently announced a major upgrade to genesis NFTs. The official Genesis NFT collection has migrated to the Ethereum blockchain (link to new collection). 

This move will bring v1 holders increased functionality, marketability, and consistency with the new smart contract governing Hasbulla v2 NFTs.

Converting from a Polygon to Ethereum smart contract is the result of longstanding holder feedback, a recent unanimous vote from our genesis community, and extensive research by our development team. 

Now that all genesis holders have been given an Ethereum NFT equivalent, the original polygon collection will no longer be recognized in this project. The team is taking steps to delete and/or disable the Polygon collection from OpenSea and will only recognize the Ethereum collection moving forward.  

Again, so there is no confusion. 

The new Ethereum genesis collection will be the only official, verified genesis collection in this project, and we will no longer acknowledge Polygon genesis NFTs.

You can find the officially recognized collection here:  (link to new collection)